Thursday, December 16, 2004


San Francisco, the Un-American City

Five members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have signed a petition to put a complete ban on handgun possession in the city (with exceptions only for law enforcement, the military, and security personnel) on the next ballot. This apparently is sufficient by itself to qualify the measure for the ballot. The Contra Costa Times covers the story.

Well, since San Francisco doesn't seem to care about state preemption law or the Constitution, it seems that San Francisco has proven itself incapable of rational self-government. [Even if you think that a municipality has the right, consistent with the Second Amendment, to prohibit ownership and possession of handguns, the proponents don't seem to like the Fourth and Fifth Amendment much either. "The hope is twofold, that officers will have an opportunity to interact with folks and if they have a handgun, that will be reason enough to confiscate it," said an aide for one of the Supervisors.]

It's time for the Calfiornia legislature to recognize that the experiment with the City and County of San Francisco has failed, and to decharter it as both a city and a county, and fold it in as an unincorporated area of another county.

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