Thursday, December 09, 2004


Moronic blather

The California Republican Party and JOBS PAC (the CA Chamber of Commerce's PAC) sponsored ads against Nicole Parra and Juan Arambula (Democrat candidates for the 30th and 31st Assembly Districts, respectively) that included "fliers that criticized Arambula on issues ranging from drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants to his one-time membership on a Mexican council. The party also paid for a mailer knocking Assembly Member Nicole Parra's voting record on the immigrant drivers license issue." Fresno Bee article.

Now, a month after the election, here comes California Democrat State Senator Martha Escutia, chair of the legislature's Latino Caucus, to complain that the ads are racist and to ask Governor Schwarzenegger to disavow them.

Here's Escutia's "justification" for her position.
"Were they attacked because of their qualifications? No. Were they attacked because of their positions? Some of these members have never even taken a vote here in the state Legislature"

Earth to Escutia. You don't have to have taken a vote in the state legislature to have a position. All you have to do is to have come to a position on an issue.

The California Republican Party issued its usual weak and self-loathing response:
"Karen Hanretty, a spokeswoman for the state Republican Party, said the fliers were intended to educate voters about Democrats' positions on immigrant issues. The party, she said, did not mean to offend anyone.
Hanretty said members of the Latino Caucus, in speaking out Tuesday against the mailers, want to advance their own political careers."

A proper response would be something on the order of:
"The candidates we targeted are whining because they didn't like having their radical and harmful views exposed to the voters. They can't defend their extremist positons, so they are screaming 'racism'. It's a false charge, made by people who know they will lose as more voters hear about where they stand, so they hope to shut us up by spurious charges. We will not be cowed."

Meanwhile, Arambula torpedoed Escutia's claims with his own comments:
"Arambula, formerly a Fresno County supervisor, said the mailers distorted his views."

Maybe Arambula is right. I don't know what his views are on these issues, nor do I know what the mailers said. I didn't pay much attention to the details of the campaign there - it's not exactly in my neighborhood. But when you complain that a mailer distorted your views, you're acknowledging that it is about issue positions.

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