Thursday, December 16, 2004


Bill Lockyer, gross polluter

Today's San Francisco Chronicle has an op-ed by Attorney General Bill Lockyer defending California's bizarre law to regulate fuel efficiency by curbing the carbon dioxide that can be emitted by motor vehicles. Carbon dioxide, of course, is one of the two desired products of combustion of hydrocarbons (along with water). There are three ways to produce less carbon dioxide while driving - use less fuel per mile driven, use a non-hydrocarbon energy source, or produce more of other pollutants (like carbon monoxide and nitric oxide) because combusition is less complete. The third choice is highly undesirable, so the other two ways are to force cars to have greater fuel economy or to become hybrids or electric cars. Lockyer, as it states in the byline of the article, drives a hybrid, and apparently wishes to force the rest of us to join him.

Lockyer calls carbon dioxide emissions "environmental pollution". He fails to mention that he himself is an ongoing and unpermitted carbon dioxide emitter, whose emissions have increased severalfold during his lifetime.

Perhaps Bill Lockyer should be required to reduce his individual carbon dioxide emissions by 30% before cars and trucks in California are required to do the same.

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