Thursday, November 04, 2004


Call you later

For the second straight election, states that went for Bush by double digit margins often took around an hour to be called by the networks for him, while states that went Democrat by the same or smaller margins were being called right away. One egregious pair of examples is New Jersey and South Carolina this election. New Jersey voted Kerry by 7 points. It was called for him right away by the networks. South Carolina went for Bush by 17 points. It was not called for him for at least a half hour on either CNN (website) or FOX (TV). That just doesn't square with accurate projections. In the case of East Coast states, this would appear to be a deliberate attept to avoid discouraging Democrats and to discourage Republicans.

Hat tip to PowerLine for not only catching this issue, but bringing in non-GOP evidence supporting the bias theory.

The delay in calling states for Bush to put him over 270 has a separate dynamic at work - ratings. Once all the polls are closed, there is nothing left the networks could do affecting voting, but once the election is called, people turn off the news and go to bed.

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