Thursday, September 09, 2004


Where to begin?

Since this will be the last post people read, I might as well put the important information here. I'm Nikola Mikulicich, Jr. Call me Nick. That's simple enough for even idiotarians to get it right.

I'm an attorney in the Los Angeles area. I'm also an active partisan Republican, with a paleolibertarian ideology - although paleolibertarianism has very little to do with the attempt by Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, et al. to hijack the name for their Animal Farm defense of the Confederacy and racism in law. Think John Stuart Mill and Thomas Jefferson instead.

The blog name is both an expression of my philosophy and an attempt to chide others who ask a question with little practical applicability of the response. If you can undo murder by raising the dead and end hunger and malnutrition by creating food with a word or a gesture, you are not useful to my efforts. I have to obey the laws of physics.

The blog will be about things I find interesting, amusing, or otherwise worthwhile to share with the world.

Emails are welcomed about any topic. You may receive a response privately or on the blog. I won't respond to everything. Childish flames will be cheerfully posted to the blog, complete with your email address and IP tracing information. Instant messages may not ever be read. I use AOL, and the number of spam Instant Messages causes me to turn an IM filter on to catch them. If I don't already recognize the sender from my address book, it goes automatically into the filter and may never be viewed.

I use NMMJR @ (close up the spaces when you send - I posted it in this fashion to block email harvester robots).

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