Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Na na na na Na na na na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

That would be the sound of conservatives across the country singing about the implosion underway at CBS. By now, if you haven't already heard your fill of the details about the "Killian memos", you don't read the political stories in papers or you just awoke from a long coma.
I'll simply link to a few good articles and add a bit of commentary.

Andrew Sullivan in TNR becomes the first well-known journalist openly supporting Kerry to call for Dan Rather's firing. I know Sullivan's support for Kerry is soft, to put it mildly (He called the election "The incompetent versus the irresolute."), but this one is legitimate spin.

The Weekly Standard summarizes the state of the coverage. They include a detailed summary of the Washington Post investigatory article.

Powerlinecomments on the L.A. Times excommunication of CBS from the liberal pantheon.

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