Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Goldberg on the war

Jonah Goldberg defends the U.S. conduct of the war.

He's right, and this piece should be read widely.

I do quarrel with one point. He describes the Islamists as irrational. With some exceptions (possibly including Uday and Qusay), these people are rational. They simply have a value system that is highly foreign to our own, and hard for us to comprehend, since they place little value on their own lives and often welcome their own deaths in fighting.

He is still correct as to his recommendation:
There simply is no diplomacy with the enemy today. So, that means going on offense. That means taking the fight to them. That means, in the short term, "creating" more extremists and terrorists by fighting on their home turf. But the point isn't merely to fight them, it's to pull the rug out from under them. The ultimate goal is democracy, of course. But the interim goal is to rationalize the Middle East so that, while it may still produce enemies, they will be ones we can deal with around a table, not a crater. And the short-term goal is to kill lots of them where they live, instead of them doing the same to us.

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