Thursday, September 09, 2004


Freedom Tour 2004: Next Stop - Sudan

Secretary of State Powell has, in a formal statement, called the slaughter of black Sudanese in the Darfur area genocide. This declaration imposes obligations on the U.S. government under law. Hopefully we will soon take action to remove the Sudanese Islamofascist government. Iterestingly, the geocide is racial rather than religious - Arab militias are killing all black persons in the villages they raze, rather than only the non-Moslem ones.

Bush is right that there can be no neutrality toward evil. What he has not done as good a job of explaining is that any government which would do this to its own people deserves no respect for its sovereignty, and that we cannot rely on the goodwill of evil people to contain their evil within another country and to not provide support for terrorists who would attack us.

I wonder what the Congressional Black Caucus will say about this.


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